Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cici's Masterpiece.

Cici has a secret...Cici likes to paint.  She is not fanatical about it and I dare say I shutter when my kids paint (all that mess).  But this last summer, I took her to a local artist who had opened up her doors to teaching.  It was a chance for Cici to get serious about something she had always dreamed about trying.  This is her first masterpiece - what do you think?!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Crayon Minnie Mouse.

Cici is such a fun little artist! I love her colors and attention to detail. This is her version of Minnie Mouse! By far the best version out their!

Moonsand rainbow.

I could be mistaken as I've never worked with moonsand before - but I think these were made using this art medium. I believe this was for made for Father's day 2008!

Colorful Crayon Dinosaur!

Look at this great dinosaur that Nini made! I love the bright colors! She has improved her in her drawing abilities. I think she has more patience!

Father's Day Ties 2008

Cici and nini created these for Father's Day 2008. It's construction paper and flowers glued to make it look like a Hawaiin shirt!

Kindergarten Memories 2008

Cici and nIni both had a wonderful time at their new school and in their kindergarten year. Here is a huge posterboard book that their teacher put together for them. It is just too big to keep! I took off the important art work and photos after taking these photos: