Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nini's tree.

This was part of a book about colors. I loved her tree and the vivid colors in the photo and that she got to use the green sponges to make the grass and leaves of the tree. The brown is done with marker pen. Great job Nini!

Cici's cutting and pasting art.

The girls do a log of cutting and pasting at school. Both of these projects are Cici's and what a great job she did on them - especially that cute festive holiday candle!

Polar Bears!

I just love these drawings of polar bears the girls did at their school. Nini's is the top and Cici's is the bottom. They had to copy the teachers - look how different they drew their bears!

Cici art November to February

I just can't get enough of Cici's cute little curls she puts on all the girls she draws.
This heart was drawn first with pencil, all on her own! What a creative little lady to take the pens and make it a rainbow heart!
This is my favorite little drawing that she's made since November. The colors, the lines, and especially that she wrote mommy and all the hearts!
Cici drawing her daddy!
This was part of their art class showing face proportions.

Nini November to January art.

Nini doesn't like to draw much, but this she did on her own, kind of an abstract art project for her. She made the squiggly lines, colored in certain areas, and then used the whole punches and glued them on her art project. This was totally spontaneous and she had such a fun time!
I apologize, but I can't for the life of me remember why she drew this - something to do with a book they were reading at school. It's creative - maybe and owl? I need to show this to her and ask her tonight!
This project was part of her art class they both took in the winter. The teacher drew the circle and showed them how face poportions work. Look at the great smile she made!
This was project at school where she was asked to show what she was most thankful. The snowman won! I love how happy and defined her snowman is.

This picture had a story with it - which I'll have to reask the details, but it had something to do with the dog rescuing somebody. Quite the interesting picture!