Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nini never had the patience to sit and draw, especially people! But early this year, after going on an outing with her and Cici at the park, and after a very long sun drought, she drew this picture of me pushing the girls in their stroller. Wow, I was so proud of her! It must have been a fun time if she sat and had the patience to draw all three of us!
Pricness Cici.
Snow White 2007
Elise (r) and apple picking partner.

Cici is famous in our family for drawing these cute little princess-like pictures. She's really good at making them and we are glad to get to look at them!

Wow! Look at these colors Nini put together while using the "Paint" program on our computer. I'm not a big component of video games and such on the computer - but I certainly don't mind a program like this than encourages them to make something as colorful and vivid as this drawing. Even a computer mouse can be a medium for little artists!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Cici 2007

Even scribbles can become art. Look at these great colors! Cici spent a lot of time and energy filling this piece of paper in - I can only imagine the tension that was released through all this coloring!